Japanese therapist Kaori trained in Thai Traditional Massage in The Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Thailand, Reflexology in Ginza International Body Care School in Japan, Reiki at Yoga-Reiki & Nature Care Foundation in Nepal. Kaori was trained in Love and Kindness in Mother Teresa's House in Calcutta and Kathmandu. She was taught about Compassion by His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama at the Tibetan refuge In Dharamsala. Kaori put all the natural wisdom she has learnt through her own life journey into practice and does treatment with both her hands and her spirit

Note: Please wear loose clothes for treatment.Please avoid eating 1 hour before treatment. Please drink  plenty of water after treatment to help cleanse the body's toxins and impurities. There maybe some healing reaction after a treatment: a feeling of tiredness, heaviness, and so on. These are positive reactions of the blockages and usually disappear within about 48 hours.


The Wat Po Traditional Medical School
Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapist
Thai Traditional Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology